Timm's E63 and E64 Seatbelt Cleaning
I think the previous owner was a coal miner....
...and he used to give lifts to his mates back from the coal face, well, at least they wore their seat belts - and it shows!
The rest of the interior is great, but look at the state of that seatbelt! Still, they are easy enough to clean - what you need to do is wait until the missus is looking the other way, then pinch the biological clothes washing liquid from the cupboard under the sink. At the same time, pinch a large bag-sealing clip and the vegetable-scrubbing brush. Get a decent-sized bucket and fill with hot water and a good concentration of the clothes stuff.
Pull the seatbelt ALL the way out and clip it fully out with the bag-sealing clip as shown above.
Find some polythene sheet to protect the interior and position the bucket as high as the sill - I've balanced the bucket on some bricks to get the height right. Put as much of the seatbelt in the bucket as possible. Then, get scrubbing with the brush, the biological stuff gets the muck out of the fabric easily. It doesn't take long at all, but spend your time on the really dirty bits. Unless the previous owner was a Sumo- wrestler you shouldn't need to clean the very end that is normally within the seat.
After a good scrubbing fill the bucket with warm, clean water and rinse the seatbelt thoroughly.
And then hang the seatbelt out to dry and move on to the other one
And that's it - easy!
All done, time for a cup of tea
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