Timm's E63 and E64 Microfilter Change
While you are in there, clear the leaves out of the drains
This is an easy one to start with, slightly harder than the E38 but so much easier then the E32! There are two microfilters contained within housing in the engine bay just in front of the fire wall. The filters have to be installed the right way up and have a cut-out to help with orientation
So, no messing about, bonnet open, the filter housings can be seen just in front of the windscreen wiper housings
The housings are held on with a metal clip at one end a plastic latch at the other - you need a 13mm socket or spanner for this, fortunately there is one in the boot toolkit (as long as it is still there). Turn the plastic nut until the notch faces forwards as shown below:
Here is the wire clip - use your other hand to press down on the housing and the clip will come off a lot easier
Lift up the front end and then pull the housing forwards to remove it from the car:
Remove any leaves and clean up the tray - make sure there are no leaves in the drain by removing the drain cover:
This is the drain, it is usually full of leaves which need to removed (right side shown)
Tray cleaned and devoid of leaves.
Pull the old filter from the housing, remove any debris (there shouldn't be any unless it managed to get past the filter). The new filter has a missing portion on one edge, it aligns with this notch on the filter housing
Here's the filter fitted to the housing - by the way, don't do this on the floor - it scratches the housing - blast!
To fit the housing back in, slot the tangs (seen above) into the holes in the scuttle, then push down, the housing should fit easily without any pressure. Rotate the plastic nut so the notch faces the back of the car:
The other housing has the bonnet switch and IHKA temperature sensor fitted to it
Rather than disconnecting the sensors, just flop the housing down in the engine bay
The method is exactly the same as the other side - at least this housing didn't get scratched. Clean out the tray and drain after removing the drain cover:
All done, time for a cup of tea Parts used in this article:
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