Timm's BMW E63 and E64 Licence Plate Bulb Change
Just a plastic knife needed for this one
This is an easy one - no screws to undo anywhere. The only thing you need to know is which end of the licence plate light assembly to lever out. There are no identifying marks - but take a look at the picture below, the light is not symmetrical front to back. So, with the light orientated as is seen below, lever the right-hand end out with a plastic tool such as a knife:
It doesn't take much to lever it down, probably could be done with just your fingers - so pull down:
...and then out to the right - the left-hand end is secured with these two tangs:
You can change the bulb while the lights assembly is dangling on the loom - but it is easier to disconnect the loom (usual press-to-release connector pair) and fiddle with it on a bench. Here's the bulb holder - twist 90-degrees anti-clockwise and then pull out
There's the bulb - it can be simply pulled out of the holder:
As the bulb holder was rather tight in the housing I lubricated the seal and the holder with silicone grease:
And that's about it really - change the bulb stick it all back in. I'm a bit confused by the TIS on this routine which is
 ....as it clearly shows the LEFT of the light being levered out even though the orientation of the light is the same as shown above. Which is the reason I gave the left-hand end a good tweaking before I worked out the other end came out first. Both licence plate light assemblies are identical
All done, time for a cup of tea
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