Timm's BMW E38 E39
Widescreen Refurbishment

Have you got a screen that looks like this even when clean?

Cleaning it makes no difference as it is the anti-glare coating that is damaged and rubbed off completely in some areas. So, what we are going to do is fit some anti-glare film that is intended to protect the new Ipad. Here it is:

I measured the screen, stuck the dimensions in Paintshop Pro to produce an outline and printed out on paper to check that it was going to fit. I did quite a few prints until it was spot-on. I then printed the outline onto the film:

Here is the template, it allows two pieces to be cut from an Ipad sheet. Print at 100% on paper to make sure your printer settings are spot-on:

Widescreen Template

The film has masks both sides to protect the film, it is difficult to get off so practice before cutting the film to shape. The film has a sticky side and a smooth side, it is the sticky (gel) side that sticks to the screen. Once the film has been cut to size remove the mask on the smooth side and stick some sellotape on the mask on the sticky side:

The film I bought from Ebay came with two cleaning cloths, don't use the white one it leaves lint everywhere! Use the yellow one to clean the screen perfectly then line up the film on the left-hand side using the sellotape to pull the mask from the film:

Use the yellow cloth (don't even think of using the white one) to slowly spread the film across making sure there are no bubbles:

I found it really tricky, especially when getting close to the right-hand side as any small error in alignment of the left-hand side meant that it wouldn't fit on. Don't force it on or off as it will crease. My first attempt saw a couple of bits of lint from the white cloth stuck under the film and that looked awful, I pulled the film off a bit and creased it slightly......so I started again. Well worth it in the end:

All done, time for a cup of tea!