Pull the lower trim from the top surface along the complete length and it will pop off from the top. Unhook the lower surface by pulling down slightly and lifting away.

The pre-facelift trim is held on with tangs, to remove the trim, open the bonnet and then slide the trim towards the centre of the car. The trim can then be pulled forward and out:

The lower part of the body underneath the indicator housing is connected to the headlight assembly by an expanding clip. The clip is held expanded by a pin that slides out of the very outer, lower corner of the headlight assembly. There is a slot where you can find the body of the pin, this needs to be moved towards the centre of the car. It may well be stiff:

Here is another view of the expanding clip. It is a good idea to lubricate the slide with silicone grease to make re-fitting easier:

Unscrew the two lower captive Torx bolts (size 15):

This where they live underneath the assembly:

And from the front:

The headlight assembly is secured to the upper metalwork by a pair of shock absorbers. These have integral studs with nuts that hold the absorbers to the metalwork, these just need to be loosened a few turns. There are two self-tapping screws that secure the absorber to the headlight, remove both of these:

Disconnect the headlamp loom from the back of the headlight assembly (the outer cover lifts up and back). The headlamp can now be lifted from the lower edge outwards and slightly away from the indicator. The shock absorbers slide out from the headlight assembly.

All done - Time for a Cup of Tea