Timm's BMW E31 Replacing The Window and Mirror Switches

After letting my wife use the E31 a couple of new problems became apparent - the seat didn't adjust properly (the famous seat-twist problem caused by failure of the Bowden cable), and the mirrors couldn't be controlled properly. I tried to get the mirrors pointing the right way but when selecting the right mirror the left one moved! A bit of further fiddling caused the mirrors to both move all over the place - but I eventually got them pointing close to where I wanted them. Time for a new mirror switch!

I bought a complete switch assembly from an Ebay seller which included the window switches - the mirror switch is actually separate but the complete assembly needs to be removed to split the two parts.

Right, you will need a plastic tool to get between the door panel and the switch assembly, a rummage around found this tool:

Poke the tool in this position and move forward to get under the edge of the switch:

...and then lift the switch up at the front:

...and out:

Disconnect the loom for the mirror controls:

The mirror switch can be separated from the window switches as shown below:

Fit the new mirror switch (or window switch if that is what you are changing), reconnect the loom and then refit the complete assembly by fitting the back of the switch first:

That fixed it nicely, full control of the mirror regained! The problem was congealed contact grease that was causing poor connections under the left - right selector, I could have cleaned and refitted the old one, but for a few quid I was better safe than sorry:

All done, time for a cup of tea